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We offer the Operation & Maintenance division and all relevant services to set up the best practices. Our technical experts implement operations that optimize life-cycle value, facility operating costs, and reliability while providing a comfortable, safe, and productive workspace for employees. We provide innovative Domestic / Industrial design and services, from building brand new facilities to renovating and rehabilitating setups that already exist.


We make sure your electrical components stay up and running

As a part of our technical services, we offer industries and domestic customers a range of electrical services that include product development, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. We have certified and highly experienced technicians, product designers, and electricians in our team. If you’re looking for a quick, robust, and reliable solution for electrical issues, reach out to GrowPure. You don’t have to consult five different businesses to get your electrical challenges addressed. So, partner up with GrowPure and get all the expertise and products you need to keep your business operational. If you need to learn more about our technical services, drop us an email or give us a direct call.

Domestic / Industrial installations and electrical contracting
We serve both industrial and domestic clients when it comes to installation and electrical contracting. We install, maintain, and troubleshoot complex electrical components.
Control Panels
We design and develop control panels to serve your unique business needs and requirements. If you need help with control panel installation or troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered.
Industrial Enclosures
We plan and execute facility enclosures for businesses of all sizes. Our experts ensure timely, safe, cost-effective, and best-quality facility enclosure.
Cable Management System
We also manufacture and install custom cable tray systems at a competitive price. At GrowPure, you get access to high-end products and cable management specialists.
Electrical Maintenance services
The success of your business largely depends on the health of your electrical equipment. We make sure your equipment is properly maintained so that you can avoid costly plant shutdowns.
Electrical Components supply
We also supply electrical components. If you’re having trouble finding key parts or equipment for your facility at a reasonable rate, let us take care of your worries.
Power Backup Solutions
Power disruptions must not interrupt your production process. To ensure a non-stop power supply, we install and troubleshoot UPS and other power backup systems.


Our job is to make your job easier

GrowPure is a one-stop solution for all of your mechanical needs

Mechanical Services GrowPure is where we bring in innovation, experience, and commitment to solving complex industrial problems. Mechanical is one of our technical services designed to help industrial and commercial clients resolve their mechanical issues. From installing large industrial units to carrying out small metalwork projects, we specialize in a broad range of technical services. Our team is passionate about their work and doesn’t hesitate to adapt. This is what helps us serve our clients and partners better. We understand the special needs of different clients and serve them accordingly. If you need to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to call us. Our representatives will be happy to assist you!

Machinery Installation
Installing industrial equipment is a technical job that requires knowledge, tools, and experience. We have these resources to get the installation projects done with great accuracy.
Fuel / Oil Tanks, and storage Systems
We not only design and manufacture oil tanks but also provide our clients with state-of-the-art storage systems to resolve their storage-related problems.
Steel Structure, Sheds
At GrowPure, we manufacture steel structures based on our clients’ unique needs. Our fabrication experts know how to produce high-quality products with ease and speed.
Air ducts, Insulation, Cladding
If you’re looking for a company that manufactures or installs air ducts, insulation, or cladding systems at a competitive price, GrowPure is the right platform to get your needs met.
Piping / Plumbing
We’ve 00 years of experience in serving clients who need HVAC or piping services. We specialize in installing and maintaining industrial plumbing systems.
SheetMetal work
We use modern CNC machines to manufacture products, components, and parts for a variety of industries. We’ll be happy to take care of your need for custom work.
Material Supply
We also supply equipment to help our customers save time and money. Our objective is to procure supplies and equipment in a timely and cost-effective way.


HVAC services designed to exceed your expectations

Best HVAC services Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are key components of our homes and industrial facilities. At GrowPure, we provide efficient, fast, and affordable HVAC services to both domestic and industrial customers. If you want to install, maintain, or repair an air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, chiller, or any other HAC component, we’re here to help you out. We observe strict adherence to industry standards and work processes to ensure safety and flawless services. Your heating and cooling equipment is expensive. So, make sure they’re being installed and maintained by certified professionals.

Domestic / Industrial cooling solutions
We provide 360 services when it comes to domestic and industrial cooling solutions. From installation and troubleshooting to maintenance, we make sure you get the most of your cooling systems.
Cold Room / Stores
We develop and install custom cold rooms for all your warehouse needs. From initial design to final installation, we take care of everything.
Centralized Air-conditioning and Heating systems
GrowPure is a reliable name when it comes to installing, maintaining, or repairing centralized air conditioning and heating systems.
Boiler Installation
We also install and repair boilers. Our technicians have tons of experience installing or repairing a variety of boiler models for commercial and residential buildings.
Ventilation systems & Equipment
As a part of our HVAC technical services, we help our customers with the installation and maintenance of their ventilation systems and other equipment.
AHU master service
Our air handling unit (AHU) services include 360 solutions: installation, repair, and maintenance. Let us know how we can help you with our AHU master services.
Split A.C General contracting and Complete service & Troubleshooting
We make sure all of your HVAC needs are served under one roof. Split AC general contracting, troubleshooting and complete services is a small part of our solutions.
New & used Fan Coil Units
Whether you need used or new fan coil units, we’ll supply whatever you need. Our technicians will take care of the installation and maintenance of your fan coil units.
Water chillers
Supply, installation, and maintenance of industrial and commercial water chillers is also a component of our HVAC services.
Pumps & motors installation/overhauling
GrowPure is where you will get access to technicians that specialize in installing and overhauling pumps and motors. We make sure your equipment is in the right hand.
Cooling Towers General and Master Service
When it comes to cooling towers, we supply and provide general & master service, maintenance, and repair services to commercial customers.

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